Experienced Customer Service Representative

To whom it may Concern:

The purpose of this correspondence is to introduce myself and to express my interest in the position within your company.Throughout my career, I have worked effectively with management and staff. I have demonstrated my ability to meet the needs of others with professionalism and respect. These qualities, coupled with my commitment to perform to the best of my ability, are my major assets. I am confident that I will qualifyas an excellent candidate. I have worked to become knowledgeable of the basic skills needed and willing to work to become one of the most efficient and effective employees that any organization could have.

My professional background has prepared me for a position such as this one. Through my experiences I have gained the ability to manage multiple tasks, and execute such tasks with skill and precision. I am confident that the experience I have acquired has prepared me for the many responsibilities needed by your company. I can promise vigor and good energy to any assignment given to me.

Therefore, I would like to offer my confidence, commitment and dedication to your company.

Thanks in advance for your time and considerations.


Magnolia Weaver

Willing to relocate to: Conyers, GA


Last Resume Update May 16, 2024
Address Covington, GA
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