Experienced Educator and District Liaison

I have wanted to work and help schools and students ever since I can remember.  As I have expanded my career path within districts and educational companies, I understand the multitude of issues and needs that a district has.  I want to work with Frontline to provide solutions and opportunities to these school systems.


My background has been in education, and the skills that I have obtained transfer to best practices in all fields.  My teaching experience has required me to keep meticulous records, plan short-term and long-term strategy, and think on the fly when something is not working.  As a school administrator, I led human resources tasks (hiring/ discipline), managed federal grant funds, oversaw compliance, and created professional development for my staff.  In the corporate education field, my focus switched to more financial and operations based tasks.  I executed district contracts across the country, worked with multiple vendors and agencies to ensure school openings, led the communications/call center team, and made sure partner school districts were overly satisfied with services provided.  Throughout these endeavors, I have been able to build skills and relationships that can be applied to any field.


My colleagues and supervisors would describe me as an enthusiastic multi-tasker.  I enjoy learning new processes and especially revel in creating improved systems.  I consider organizations like puzzles.  I want to assist in executing the organization’s mission while simultaneously assisting the team in future development.  For example, at Acceleration Academies I improved our communications department by implementing priority rankings and out-of-the-box marketing strategies, which led to an increase in enrollment and money saved on recruitment.  What made this endeavor so rewarding is that during this time, I was also given the opportunity to learn and grow.  I am hoping to find somewhere where I can grow my skill-set while at the same time providing value.


If I seem like a potential fit for Frontline, I would love the opportunity to discuss the position.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Last Resume Update April 3, 2024
Address Charleston, South Carolina
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