Experienced with 5+ years in call center, lending, financial analysis, management, and retail store settings.

I’m highly adaptable and thrive in fast-paced environments. In my previous role, our company underwent a major employee shortage, and I took the initiative to lead my team through the transition by creating a streamlined workflow and providing support and training to ensure a smooth integration. Another thing that sets me apart is my ability to problem solve, I have a natural talent for building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and also I’m highly detail-oriented. This allows me to consistently deliver high-quality work, earning me the company’s “Employee of the Year” award in 2022. And last but not least I have a passion for continuous learning and personal development. There is never too much knowledge and I would love to gain the most I can in my lifetime. 

Please take the time to respond to me and or look at my resume. Im seeking career growth and opportunity. I have 5+ years in lending, financial, call centers , management, healthcare and retail store setting. I'm a fast learner, detailed oriented, Microsoft knowledgeable & plenty more. 

Last Resume Update May 11, 2024
Address Vicksburg, MS
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