Seasoned professional with 11 years of experience in document control, project management, and client relations.

I want to express my keen interest in the posiƟon of your company, as adverƟsed. With over 12 years of
experience in a span of AP/AR/, QA, Inventory Control, AudiƟng, InspecƟon, and DocumentaƟon control I
have spearheaded numerous digiƟzaƟon iniƟaƟves and soŌware implementaƟons, driving significant
improvements in efficiency, producƟvity, and client saƟsfacƟon.
In my previous role, I took charge of digiƟzing over 25 acƟve and completed projects, managing a
staggering inventory of over 300,000 parts, and overseeing AP/AR records. Recognizing the need for
modernizaƟon, I personally pitched and streamlined a new electronic documentaƟon management
system (EDMS) that revoluƟonized our operaƟons. This system not only streamlined processes for EDMS
but also for various departments including Project Mangers, AP/AR Management, Human Resources,
EsƟmators, IT, Procurement, Assembly, Designers/Architects, and Laborers.
One of my proudest achievements was developing and conducƟng comprehensive training for over 60
employees on the procedures, scope, and use of equipment for the new EDMS soŌware. This iniƟaƟve
resulted in over 85% producƟvity improvement across all projects within the first six months.
AddiƟonally, the implementaƟon of this system led to a 70% reducƟon in storage and a staggering 90%
increase in client response Ɵme for deliveries of the control buildings, panels, and rooms for shipment.
Furthermore, I have successfully managed to maintain producƟvity and efficiency while working
remotely at home. This change has not only provided me with a great work life balance but has also
eliminated the producƟvity losses associated with travel Ɵme to address any person’s responsibiliƟes
such as doctor appointments, or school meeƟngs.
I am parƟcularly drawn to working remotely, however working directly within a locaƟon is fine as well. I
am eager to contribute my experience and experƟse to your team’s conƟnued success. AƩached is my
resume. I am confident that my skills and experience will make me a strong candidate for this posiƟon.
Thank you for considering my applicaƟon. I am enthusiasƟc about the opportunity to discuss how I can
contribute to the conƟnued growth of your company. I am available at your earliest convenience for an
Crystal Horton

Last Resume Update March 30, 2024
Address Pace, Florida
E-mail Locked
Phone Number Locked


GRT Financial, INC
Settlement Coordinator
Jul 2023 - Apr 2024

• Generate client communications regarding various debt solutions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of options
including legal services and debt management.
• Analyze and prioritize client accounts using Excel to streamline settlement negotiations and enhance financial
• Maintain and strengthen professional relationships with creditors, collection agencies, and debt purchasing entities
to facilitate successful negotiations.
• Provide client support for legal document inquiries, and meticulously track negotiation progress and creditor
interactions for optimal record-keeping


University of Phoenix-Online Campus
Associate in Business
Jan 2009 - May 2011

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