Find Your More

More.  It’s a simple word that can be easily defined, but is sometimes hard to pin down. More is often defined as something greater than what you originally had or to a larger degree. The amazing thing about the concept of “more”, is that it can mean something different for everyone.  When we talk about the word more in terms of what we want out of a job, one person might define “their more” as time and a better work life balance. They want to be able to get their job done, do it well, but still have time for their families. Ask another person, and they’ll tell you their more means the opportunity to advance. They want to find a job where their career takes priority and they are afforded the opportunity to move ahead at their company. That’s what’s so special about defining and chasing “your more”. It can be whatever is important and drives an individual.

At Frontline Careers our mission is to connect frontline workers who want more with companies who offer more. The idea of someone being able to find and identify their more is paramount to our values. We believe that everyone, regardless of their job description, education, or level within their company, should be able to work at a job that is fulfilling and satisfying. We spend a substantial amount of our time at our job, so we should be doing something we find gratifying.  90,000 hours (or one third of our life), that is the estimated amount of hours the average American spends working. When you see that number, you begin to realize what a big chunk of our lives is work. Spending this amount of time at your place of employment means that it can, and will, have a drastic impact on your happiness. And that really is the big picture here, a person’s job is more than just a job; it should provide you with more than just a paycheck.  Your job directly impacts your overall happiness and contentment.  

The concept of deciding what your “more” is from your job is vital to success. Once you’ve figured out what you want from your company, what you want from your job, what is important to you, then you have to evaluate if your company is willing to provide this to you.  A company being able to provide their employees with additional benefits is just one component of being a Frontline FriendlySM company.  Frontline FriendlySM companies understand that their employees are important and should be provided with opportunities to grow, better set schedules, pay and benefits to just name a few things.  Frontline FriendlySM  companies understand that investing in their frontline helps their company grow.  Worker satisfaction leads to lower turnover and a better work environment for all. These companies understand that offering their people “more” can lead to success for all parties involved. At Frontline Careers we identify these companies.  We evaluate them and certify them as Frontline FriendlySM because we know these are the companies that are out there offering their employees “more”.

At the end of the day, we all deserve a level of satisfaction and happiness at our place of employment. Your job title should not be the thing that defines whether or not you deserve that satisfaction. We spend hours at our job, working hard and helping our companies turn a profit. Chasing “your more” is not a selfish act, but rather something that can lead to long term fulfillment and happiness. Find a company that values that more and together you can both reach a greater level of prosperity. It’s time for all of us to allow ourselves the chance to find our more. So ask yourself, what is my more? And once you’ve determined it, let us help you find it.