Who is Frontline Careers

Over fifty million*. By our estimates, that’s the approximate number of frontline workers in the United States: people from vastly different backgrounds coming together to form one of the most diverse workforces there is, one that stretches across myriad industries. From food and beverage to retail to grocery workers, frontline workers help to keep our economy humming. Among them are a substantial number who are talented and ambitious and are looking for more—more fulfilling careers, better pay, better work-life balance, more opportunity for development and advancement. Talented people are searching, like all of us, to find companies that value their unique skill set. That is where Frontline Careers comes in. 

At Frontline Careers, we’re building a job site focused solely on frontline workers. A job site that will allow people to search for jobs at companies that treat the individual well, recognize the vital role they play, and provide work environments and resources to meet the needs and talents of each person. The truth is, most job sites are company focused; they work in the interest of the companies that post on them. Jobs get posted—sometimes with little regard for the quality of the positions—people take the jobs, and the transaction is complete. No one stops to consider if these jobs have the best interest of the worker in mind. 

When employees are not the focus, many begin to feel stuck. Their job becomes just that—a job. Not a career, not a path to success, not something fulfilling in the long-term. But employees aren’t the only ones who suffer when their needs and aspirations are left out of the equation. Companies may find themselves in a constant cycle of hiring, training, then losing people and having to start all over again. 

Fortunately, some companies are breaking this cycle. There are companies that recognize the talent they have and understand the importance of growing that talent pool. These companies  offer their workers more; they provide better opportunities and a path to fulfilling careers. We call these types of  companies “Frontline Friendly,” and these are the companies that will be featured on Frontline Careers.  

At Frontline Careers, our mission is to connect frontline workers who want more with companies that offer more. We are building a job site that will do the hard work of picking out quality jobs and making sure motivated frontline workers have access to these companies. Only companies that have earned our unique “Frontline Friendly” certification will be allowed access to the highly motivated and skilled workers seeking employment on the Frontline Careers job site. When these companies partner with a superb frontline workforce, both can prosper.

About Frontline Careers  

The concept of Frontline Careers was developed by Jason Roberts in early 2018. Over the course of several years working with and alongside frontline workers, Jason met a lot of talented people, and noticed that their opportunities were far too often limited. A presentation by Dirty Jobs’ creator, Mike Rowe, sparked an idea: why not create a platform to address this important need? He shared the idea with a long-time friend, Ari Malka, and together they decided to make this dream a reality.  

In 2019 Jason and Ari began to develop a concept of what this job site would look like, and how it would differ from anything currently on the market. After many long nights, and a lot of research and planning, their idea began to take shape. In January of 2020, they officially launched their company, Frontline Careers, and started building a landing page to introduce it to the world. Then, in March 2020, the world as we know it drastically changed. The spread of Covid-19 began to shine a spotlight on frontline workers, who were suddenly recognized as an essential part of everyday life. At the same time, many of them, especially those working in hospitality and food and beverage industries, were laid off or furloughed, left scrambling for new employment. Both Jason and Ari understood the importance—now more than ever—of moving ahead and making sure they were building a solution that would be tailored to what frontline workers really need. 

Frontline Careers will be launching its job site soon. Our mission of connecting frontline workers who want more with companies that offer more will become a reality.

We hope that you’ll be as excited as we are about this new way to find great jobs at companies that put their frontlines first. Visit us today at FrontlineCareers.com to learn more about what we do and to sign up for exclusive content. The time has come for you to start finding your more.

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018, 2019)